Bloomer Woodticks

The 2017 Fighting, Woodticks will start the season, take care of fundamentals. The team that does each part best usually comes out on top.

With the addition of some new faces and the versatility of the old, the Ticks will find a lineup that will keep them competitive, game in and game out. The biggest challenge for the Woodticks will be replacing the leadership of long time player/manager Scott Stuckert, who has passed managerial duties along to Erik Abrahamson and Curtis Dachel. They will have a lot to prove to the squad to gain the trust of a team as Scott did for so long.

2017 Roster

Coaches: Erik Abrahamson and Curtis Dachel

Scott Stuckert, Corey Poirier, Jesse Linsmeyer, Sam Elling, Nick Prill, Jacob Malinowski, Matt (Scrub) Simonson, Wes Stuckert, Owen Zwiefelhofer, Matt Schley, Noah Lane, Brett Stuckert, Tanner Linsmeyer, Mike Cohen, Evan Palmer, Chris Korger, Austin Summerfield