Bloomer Woodticks

The Bloomer Woodticks are approaching another season of summer baseball filled with good times, cold brews and watching your favorite baseball team. This 2018 season the Woodticks have made a goal to improve their fundamentals and to have an unforgettable season.

Nothing beats watching the hometown baseball team and cheering on your favorite player. Over the years Bloomer Baseball has had many terrific players. Matt (Scrub) Simsonson, a highly respected baseball player has hung up his glove and will not be joining the Woodticks for the upcoming season. In addition, Sam Elling has taken the reigns as Woodticks Manager. The Woodticks will now look to the new foundation that can carry on the legacies of Matt Simonson and Scott Stuckert.

The Fightin’ Woodticks thank all the businesses that have sponsored them for the 2018 season and feel incredibly lucky to be apart of such a great community. Join the Woodticks at Stuckert field this summer and cheer on your favorite team. Also, don’t forget to follow the Woodticks on Facebook and Twitter to view stats and pictures of games.